Daily Football Quiz – 10/04/2013

Latest Football Questions

Great news for Portsmouth fans as a supporters group looks set to buy the club. They are currently owned by Portpin, led by Balram ______?
Wigan are in the news after failing to sell all of their allocated tickets for the FA Cup semi final. Who did they beat in the last round?
Borussia Dortmund and Malaga were involved in an epic last night. Who scored the winning goal?
Ronaldo scored twice as Real Madrid beat Galatasaray on aggregate. He's played 45 games, but many goals does he now have this season?
Stephen Who's last-gasp equaliser gave Barnsley a point at Cardiff?
Paolo Maldini spent his entire career with which club?
Wilfred Bouma has 37 caps for which country?
What is the correct first name of the Spanish club _______ Santander?
Gerd _______ has scored 14 goals in World Cup finals.
Which of these has players has NOT won at least one cap for Iceland?

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